Monday, December 31, 2007

Mystical Truth

Philip was very tired. Every step he took carried him to a higher level of exhaustion. But he was very close to his destination now, and he knew that the fruit of this journey was everything that he had ever wanted from life. Philip was aware of the changing terrain around him, which was constantly adapting and molding itself to resist his progress towards the Golden Gates. A sudden wave of over-whelming exhaustion ran through the length of his body; impregnating his mind with ideas of futileness. Philip took a deep breath and decided to rest - for a few moments only - because passage of time like everything else in this place remained a mystery. Time had lost its permanence a few days back, since the mind-spirit aspect of him had entered this plane. Some mystics believe that the total amount of time used during these journeys is no more than an eye blink in the “real” world, because, here, time moves both in the forward and backward direction. Law of Conservation of Time some called it, but it was not something one could bet ones life on, specially when one knew that it took three days of fasting and meditation just to attain the state-of-mind necessary for this journey.
Philip took a moment to relax and observe his surroundings. It was extremely cold and a thick mist made it even harder for him to see the path in front of him. He spoke an enchantment and summoned a small ball of fire between his hands. The vista he beheld raised his hopes. On both sides of the path were red banners, waving boastfully the Divine Sign of the Kingdom of Mysteries. The sign looked like a complex Chinese character. Philip had heard about it and knew that it was supposed to describe the secret emotion which provides life-force to the Heart of Mystery. But the language, of course, was not Chinese and what the sign actually means will always remain a mystery. Philip spent a few moments trying to study the divine character, but realizing the futileness of this exercise he moved on.
Gradually the path gained luminosity from an unknown source of radiance and the banners on both sides of the path began to glow with a crimson light. Tiny orange-fireflies twinkled in the mist, forming golden spherical halos around them. Philip could sense the proximity of the Gates, and started to regain his strength as despair slowly seeped out of his mind. The aura of mystery increased as he neared his destination, while his surroundings became increasingly fantastic, pushing him into a hypnotic-trance. Purple sphinxes played harp for pink-glowing fairies dancing in circles on top of their heads. Butterflies with flower petals as their wings fluttered around his face, intoxicating him with strong aromas. Maidens of Light, the luminous personifications of beauty, stood on the road side; with their long multi-colored hair waving in the breeze of their own light. Philip concentrated all his Will on the path in front of him and continued on his journey.
After a straining walk of hours, or days maybe, he heard a screeching voice: “Behold us trespasser! Who art thou and what business brings ye to our kingdom?”
Philip who had been keeping his gaze on the path to avoid the hypnotic ambiance of his surroundings raised his head and what he saw awed him by surprise. In front of him was a gigantic tent, as big as a castle. There were majestic patterns on the maroon fabric of the tent, engraved with pure gold, and two pillars carved out of emeralds stood in front of the entrance. On top of these pillars sat two huge owls, holding firmly to the pillars with their iron talons.
Philip looked at them and spoke with authority: “I seek thy master: The Sculptor of all Mysteries - the Truth-bringer!”
The owls hooted thrice in their booming voice and the Golden Doors opened to let him in. It was unnaturally dark inside tent. A multitude of luminous beings served their master who remained cloaked in the shadows.
The Lord of Mysteries whispered to Philip: “You have crossed a long and difficult path to seek me. What can I do for you, Mortal?”
“I have come to ask for your blessing, Lord.” replied Philip.
All remained still and silent for a few moments. Philip waited. Slowly, the curtains of shadow parted with a dream like motion to reveal the Lord of Mysteries sitting on a shimmering throne of Ideas. For this occasion, Truth-bringer had chosen the shape of a Green-Dragon - symbolic of something significant that Philip could not comprehend. A myriad of rainbow strips twisted, swirled around him, blurring the edges of his shape. The Green Dragon morphed into an enormous seven fingered hand, which floated towards Philip leaving behind a trail of sparkling gold-dust.
Philip was engulfed in tranquility, as he bathed in the stream of its mesmerizing radiance. The core of his being resonated with an emotion which can only be described as simultaneous sorrow and joy, while the Lord of Mysteries shared Divine Truth with him. He bowed to the Truth-bringer and smiled a mysterious smile. Philip embraced Mystery forever, for now he understood its real meaning and purpose. In the heart of Truth lives Mystery, just as Truth lives in the heart of Mystery; and together they define each other, making a two edged reality called Mystical Truth.

The Awakening

She closed her eyes and sat cross-legged on a piece of sackcloth. Eyelashes still wet with warm tears and a mind overflowing with sorrow made it hard for her to concentrate. But her father's last advice still echoed in every corner of her head.
A week back, as the first monsoon clouds approached their small island, her father had passed the divine poem to her. Since times immemorial, parents had been passing this wisdom to their future generations as they stepped into their seventeenth year, which marked the beginning of adulthood.
She repeated his words in her mind:
"Commune with the rain,
Behold the messenger;
O tomorrows golden grain,
Embrace the harbinger."
Tears slid down her cheeks and gathered on her chin as she remembered the last conversation with her father.
"But father I do not understand."
"You shall my daughter. Just listen to the rain. Learn what you can from the Great Teacher."
She relaxed as the refreshing aroma of wet straw filled her small hut. Closing her eyes, she sat there listening to the rain for a long time. Very slowly the realization seeped into her mind. Gradually her consciousness swelled and took substance as time lost all significance.
Lightning rushed across the sky; she was a blade of grass, oscillating up and down as drops of rain hit it continuously... she was a majestic tree standing tall with pride, but submitting to the moist caresses of the wind... a drop of rain swelling with anticipation as she charged down from the sky and hit a puddle of water... she was a puddle of rain water, growing drastically as numerous drops of rain hit its face... a small streamlet rushing towards the river... she was the river... the fish... the weeds... she lost all individuality and became part of the collective consciousness... she was the Truth itself! Slowly she drew back -- became a drop of water running down the curls of her hair... she was a girl opening her eyes.
It took her a while to gauge her surroundings. She stood in an open field outside her hut, with her arms wide open. A strong feeling of ecstasy ran through her whole body as she absorbed the meaning of the divine poem. Death lost its meaning and life, exuberant with colors of the rainbow, stretched to the horizons of eternity.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Being is the self conscious determination of Nothing!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Absurd Spontaneous Scribble in a Depressed State of Mind

Idle... sad... wondering... walls accepted... future obvious... passion burning itself to ashes... no memories of exit... paper flowers withering... silent cries of dumb chimes... dust covered stillborn plants... a frozen sunset... elusive eternity mocking birth... fog hiding itself... but an uncertain, uninvited spark appears... irritates... disturbs the dying... pokes death with a stick of hope... tranquil fading stirred... like ripples in a dry puddle... a sadistic laugh... eyes opening to find nothing... a heart learning to love Nothing...